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This past week, my monthly post ran on the At Home in Arkansas blog. It was a round-up of the eclectic spaces that are inspiring me right now. I loved doing the post but I should have remembered to stop by The Selby to include some images of John Demsey's townhouse. This place is marvelous. Every square inch is covered is some vibrant, artistic detail. Everything about it makes me smile. I'm not sure that I could live in such chaos but it sure is fun to look at. All photos via The Selby -- check out the rest here (these few snapshots are just the tip of the iceberg).


Pink Slip


David Hicks

David Flint Wood in Lonny

Ines de la Fressange in Domino

Katheryn Ireland

Mario Buatta in Architectural Digest

Mary McDonald


Ruthie Sommers in Lonny

I've been grappling with quite the issue in our master bedroom... We've got the most gorgeous settee (it was in my bedroom growing up) covered in a very fancy green and pink striped fabric. I love the fabric but it's seen better days, which has me wondering -- should I stay in the pink realm or change directions entirely when I have it recovered? I LOVE pink but is it too much for a master bedroom?


Blue White Black Gold

Lorenzo Castillo
Lorenzo Castillo

Lorenzo Castillo

Lorenzo Castillo

Markham Roberts

Miles Redd -- House Beautiful

Miles Redd -- House Beautiful



Lately I can't get enough of this chic color combination. The furniture in our more formal living room is black and gold and I'm itching for some blue and white accents to finish the look.


La Datcha

While reading the latest issue of Architectural Digest, I literally gasped when I came upon this story. Pierre Berge's home in Normandy, decorated by the brilliant Jacques Grange took my breath away. Modeled after what the Russians call a Dacha -- or country home -- this cozy retreat is full of beautiful details and comfortable nooks. Read the rest of the story here, or pick up the March issue of AD.


Les Orchidées

Mark D. Sikes
Another post went live today on the At Home in Arkansas blog. This month I chose to focus on using orchids in design. They are so beautiful. I'm truly lost cause when it comes to tending to them but can't stop buying them for my house. I picked out some of my favorites for At Home --  check out the post here


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