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This past week, my monthly post ran on the At Home in Arkansas blog. It was a round-up of the eclectic spaces that are inspiring me right now. I loved doing the post but I should have remembered to stop by The Selby to include some images of John Demsey's townhouse. This place is marvelous. Every square inch is covered is some vibrant, artistic detail. Everything about it makes me smile. I'm not sure that I could live in such chaos but it sure is fun to look at. All photos via The Selby -- check out the rest here (these few snapshots are just the tip of the iceberg).

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Yalei Wang said...

Loved this post! I try really hard to make a more unified look / aesthetic in my decorating but I just can't! It's so hard to stick to one thing, I'm always grabbing things from all places so I inevitably get an eclectic palette!


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