Bicycle Lovin'

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Rosie (pictured below), my fabulous little 1970s Sears and Roebuck "Free Spirit" three-speed. Complete with a rack on the back and glossy red paint, this is how I get around town. I love my bike--and all bikes for that matter! I snatched up this beauty off of Craigslist (gasp!) for $40. Sweetness. 

If you live near the square/campus (or hey, anywhere in Oxford for that matter), I highly recommend using a bike as your main mode of transport. And no, this is not just because I don't have an automobile (ok, maybe it is).  I know that lots of Oxford's elite greenies and Honors Collegians love them a good bike, but I aim to spread the bicycle lovin' to everyone else in town (or anyone else who feels inspired!). Let's take a cue from those fabulous Europeans. Good old John F. Kennedy once said, "Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride" and I couldn't agree more. The fashion blogger, The Sartorialist, dedicates a section of his archives to sassy cyclists. Even Vogue agrees with me (here are their picks for the best bikes). Now the only thing I need is a cute hat and the perfect basket. Hmmmm...so far this one is in first place.

MK-the ultimate style maven herself- also chooses a two-wheeler (when she's not cruisin in the porsche).

OMG Jack Bauer


.....and Democrats like their bikes!

And so did the Beatles. Convinced yet?

1 comment:

holly said...

You know who else loves bikes? Hipsters.

But they don't love bikes as much as I love you!


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