Flower Child

I saw this Vogue cover ages ago and immediately fell into a deep obsession with headbands. And yes, I often sport the preppier J. Crew headbands, but I love the wilder floral hippie model look. Then DVF went ahead and made some for one of her shows last year and my interest heightened.

And then, Whitney Port, my style obsession (who worked at DVF!!) wore one and my need for one of these was set in stone.

I would love to start jaunting around with a little wreath of my own (preferably one from the garden of my co-op but alas, neither my co-op or my garden exist) but I don't know if I can pull it off. Maybe I should just give myself a style makeover and concoct a whole new "modern day urban flower child" look and import it to Ox. Thoughts?

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