An Ode to Barbour

Not that Barbour!! 

THIS Barbour

Yes-- the famous, classic, perfect Barbour jacket-- from our friends across the Atlantic. A handful of stylish peeps around Oxford don this English hunting classic, and they can be acquired at various stores around the square (Hinton and Hinton, Landry's). What's not to love about this look? I've been fantasizing about obtaining one for years now, and it's always on the top of my Christmas list, but I still haven't gotten my hands on one (Mom....hint....). Definitely something to save up for!! I imagine wearing mine with:

Bean Boots by L.L.Bean®, 8 
Bean Boots, duh (the tallest ones are best) 

and a red pashmina for a touch of color!

Classic dark wash skinnies.

 A Hanes V-neck tee (for boys but whatever)...so cheap! So perfect!

A Barbour messenger....I have chills!

I imagine sporting my look on the mean streets of Oxford, on a cold day in Carmel, or in my fantasy world where I live here..

A modern-day Elizabeth Bennett! I love it!

I'm hopping on the Barbour train ASAP, and I suggest you all do too!!

(for the whole look: boots, scarf, jeans, t-shirt, jacket and bag)

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