40 Days and 40 Nights

Yes, John Paul, mock me all you want. 

I made the drastic decision to give up ice cream for Lent. So far, it has been a rough road. Not only do I work next door to Holli's Sweet Tooth where you can get pretty much any ice cream flavor and any milkshake you'd ever dreamed of, but some of my "friends" have insisted on enjoying a milkshake almost nightly in my presence. So, instead of indulging myself with my favorite frozen treat, I have decided to write about it. And all of you can eat ice cream for me!!

Not joking, Phish Food consists of: chocolate ice cream, marshmallow and caramel swirls, and little chocolate fishies. I die.

A classic HD bar. What's not to love?

Fenton's Creamery. Located in Oakland, CA, this amazing ice cream shop was introduced to me by my dear friend Sophie and I am officially obsessed. It was recently featured on the Travel Channel's "Chowdown Countdown" and I thought this little gem deserved the number one spot. You have GOT to head over there if you're ever in the SF bay area.

I saw this yesterday at Off-Square Books. I strongly suggest taking a peek. 

This is a snapshot of a marshmallow milkshake recipe I found on The Noble Pig. I'm pretty sure this is what I'll be enjoying at midnight on Easter. BTW check out the rest of her recipes....I'm pretty obsessed.

What did all of you faithful readers give up for Lent? 

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