Mmmmm. Breakfast.....in Paris?

This morning I rose quite early and enjoyed a lovely breakfast at my usual spot (Bottletree). Coffee, croissant, coffee. I have vowed to have an extremely productive day consisting of: writing, riding (my bike), cleaning (maybe), and showering. But while I was cruising the web for a cute little pastry shot (the one above is from here) it had me longing for a morning in Paris. 

Un cafe au lait, pain au chocolat, un appareil-photo et peut-etre un petit chien dans une petite brasserie sur rue Saint Germaine...oh Paris, je t'aime! (ps don't mind my broken french...)

One day I'll work at YSL, live in an amazing apartment with a view of the Tour Eiffel, smoke cigarettes and not get cancer, and dress like this every day.

or maybe this

One day!
(both girls on the sartorialist)

Until then, I'll settle for Paris Vogue and Marie-Antoinette on repeat. Speaking of Marie, I was going through my extensive iphoto library today searching for Parisian pics and came across these scans of an article about Sofia Coppola (aka demi-god genius) in Paris from W, maybe a century ago. Do you remember?

Miss Coppola always inspires me to do something creative, productive, and beautiful. I'll carry her spirit with me today in my endeavors!! 


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