Power Couple #1

The concept of the "Power Couple" is centuries-old: Albert and Victoria, Abraham and Sarah, Elizabeth Taylor and ________, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda, Brad and Angelina are all prime examples. 

As an ode to the Power Couple, I want to profile some of my favorite dynamic duos of the present and the past. At the moment, and not surprisingly, I am fascinated by the oh-so-fabulous fashion-blogging pair that is Scott Schuman and Garance Dore

Scott is the strapping man behind my fav website (which I have mentioned countless times!) The Sartorialist. Scott always worked in fashion but was not always into photography, which I think is awesome. He has an amazing eye for clothes and style and truly understands women. Not to mention he's super talented and influential.

Then there's Garance. Not only does she have INSANE personal style, she also blogs about and appreciates those who are doing something different than her. Awesome photographs, even better fashion vids (especially from the runway shows that we all wish we could go to), and other quirky posts make up her blog. And make me jealous. Did I mention she's French!?

There's nothing cooler than a couple who can truly relate to each other on an artistic level while simultaneously dominating their creative field. 

More power couples to come in the future!! Until then, check these two out. I'm sure you'll be addicted.

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