Where art thou, perfect necklace?

Just because my mother (aka Big Edie) is sooo sweet, I had the opportunity to borrow this fantastic necklace for my reunion this past weekend (center). Unfortunately, she won't let me call it my own, and I don't blame her! It is awesome. 

She got it from J. Crew a year or two ago, and I'm sad to say they don't make it anymore. And what is a girl to do??

I found these on the website:

But they really don't satisfy my itch. We have some stuff in the store made by Parkers in the Pass that is all great and makes a statement much like my mom's piece, but it's just not the same. Do you guys know where I could get my hands on something like it?? I'm desperate!! 


Jac said...

Oh you have such beautiful friends!

Liz said...

HAHA-this makes me laugh. Hope the postman doesn't have the wrong zipcode when you send that necklace back. Edie might freak!


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