Walls...to paper or not to paper?

Remember these zebras?? Margot Tenenbaum has them on her walls. This is possibly my favorite wallpaper of all time. 

I got to thinking about wallpaper when I was watching Nine by Design on Bravo this morning. Have you ever seen it?? I'm so addicted to it and they're only had a couple of episodes so far!


It's about this designer couple living in New York and their seven kids. I love it! Anyway, they're re-doing this gym in Hoboken, New Jersey, and talking about wallpapering some part of it. 

Wallpaper is one of things that I don't give too much thought to, but I think I should. There are so many wonderful choices and it can make a huge statement.

This is in the Beverly Hills Hotel. So famous and distinctive. I would love to have it cover the walls of my bathroom or maybe a pool house someday!

I love the blue-speckled pattern on the walls of a Bloomingdale's window that Eddie Ross designed recently. (Also a Bravo alum!)

I've had this picture forever, so I sadly cannot tell you where it is from, but I'm digging the cobalt zebra in the hallway. I think wallpapering a tiny hallway is such a good idea. 

Did you guys see this in Vogue? I love the colorful walls. Actually, I love everything about their apartment, but since we're just discussing wallpaper I'll stick with that. Those bright colors and graphic flowers! Oh, I die.

Chloe Sevigny's entryway. Eeeeeek!!! 

I'm inspired to wallpaper every room in the house. How do you think my landlord would feel about that?  Hmmmmm. Maybe wait a little while. 


Alexander said...

Saw this and automatically thought of you. It's right up your alley:


Cece Fourchy said...

Alex....I love it!!! Totally my taste!


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