Jaye's. I like it.

I had the pleasure of heading to Oxford this past weekend for the wedding of two good friends, Lindsey Phillips and Andrew Abernathy. I had way too much fun-- the whole thing was perfect!
While I was there, I also had the chance to pop into Elyncia Fine Jewelry, my former place of work, and my boss has just started to carry gifts...can't even tell you how obsessed I am. She ordered a bunch of Jaye's, which is all handpainted and just adorable. Here are some of my faves:

I love that orange! This is one of the "bedside" trays.

This is supposed to be for guest towels but wouldn't it serve as a fabulous soap dish or place to put letters?

A cute little caddy.

She's got tons of stuff in there and it's all adorable. If you're in Oxford, I would highly recommend stopping by for a looksy.

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