Wisteria Antiques

I've been lucky enough to be at the beach with my family the last few days, and I am even luckier to have a mom who understands my antique-hoarding needs!

She treated me and brought me to my favorite antique store EVER: Wisteria Antiques in Santa Cruz.

It's all very French and all very gorgeous, and of course I could wander around for hours! It's set up like a house, with each room packed with goodies.

There's a kitchen area...

And a dining room/fireplace nook.

Then of course, la boudoir.

And everywhere you turn there's something fabulous to look at.

In one of my bedrooms I thought I had found my favorite thing:

It's a coffee table. Aren't you dying?? Wait, it gets better.

Here is its mother. I was losing it!! I need to have a little country cottage just for the purposes of housing this chaise.

In the end I made off with some Claus Porto soap, which is absolutely fabulous! Check it out, y'all.
Claus Porto 5.28 oz Bar Soap - Rozan (Paradise Rose)

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