Kanye West: Ode to Style


It was a love affair that began during my last year at boarding school: The College Dropout was released, and I was officially hooked. The internet font-usage controversy, the minor incident with T. Swift at the VMAs, the Katrina telecast outburst-- it all means nothing to me. My heart belongs to Mr. West. 


Not only do his tunes get me pumped for a night out with my ladiez, they make me say things like "my word, Lord Kanye, you are quite clever and witty,"  "damn, I wish I were Amber Rose," and " I will pass that Ver-say-see".


But beyond the music, beyond the dating history, Kanye is much more to me: my number one style icon. Even more than Iris Apfel, if you can believe it. 


He reinvents classics, keeps them fresh, and manages to always look "sharp" as my dad would say. 
After interning with Louis V, I think it's safe to say he's a true fashionisto.


I would love so much to interview him for my Stylish Boys series. I think I'll send a quick text to his agent and see if he's available. 

Until then, I will retweet him, imagine we are besties, and lust after his allusive wardrobe.

I leave you now with some wise words from the man himself:

"We buy our way out of jail but we can't buy freedom,
we buy a lot of clothes but we don't really need them,
Things we buy to cover up what's inside."

Well said, sir, well said.

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Alexander said...

I'm convinced the first opening lines from "Flashing Lights" were written about me: "She don't believe in shootin' stars, but she believe in shoes and cars. Wood floor in the new apartment, couture from the store's department."

And of course from the chorus: "As I recall I know you love to show off."


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