Inspiration Station

Isn't this table scene from Lonny adorable?

Maybe I had too much coffee this morning, but I am cruising through some old photos, and feeling so inspired! 

We're moving into a cute little purple (though some call it magenta) house on November 7th, and all I can think about is decorating. While looking for ideas in my old files, I've found so many other pictures that are just speaking to me today. Voila, mes penses. 

This one (also from Lonny) is my favorite so far:

But I could do without the baby above the mantle.

These guys are on 1st dibs... I'm quite into animal skulls. (ew? whatevs)

I would very much like to have all of my floors covered in sheepskin, although I realize this is an unpractical dream. So...maybe a rug or two will suffice.

Oh MK! Now I have to go by a mens jacket and dye my hair blonde.

I'm digging the gray/pink/snakeskin combo.

So. Obsessed. 

I really can't wait for this. 

And speaking of Sofia...

This is from her new stuff with Louis Vuitton. Elle est trop trop chic! 

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