Stylish Girls: Mother's Day Special

For this special Mother's Day edition of my "Stylish Girls" series, I'd like to introduce you to my mom, Kate Campbell Watts

The girl has got it goin' on: super stylish, well-traveled, absolutely brilliant (she's a big deal in the Marlovian scholar circles), and a newlywed (with great hair to boot).

An East-Coaster who migrated to California in the late 80s, her style is the perfect combination of New York cool and California casual. A fashion icon to be sure! Here, I asked her a few questions about her favorite things.

Occupation: English Instructor

Hometown: York, PA

Current town(s): Santa Cruz, CA and Fresno, CA

Her Fresno pad.

Favorite place to shop: "Girl Boy Girl and Paloosh in Carmel. Or should I say Fred Segal? I also like Neiman Marcus and Margaret O'Leary."

Favorite Restaurant: Avanti in Santa Cruz and City Grocery in Oxford, MS

Favorite Hotel: The Lowell Hotel in New York City

A suite at the Lowell.

Favorite City: London

Favorite Book: "Oh favorite book? What kind of question is that?!" "Just say Emma because that book always makes me happy."

Favorite Magazines: Bazaar and Domino

From Domino.

Favorite Shopping Website: Ann Mashburn

Favorite Artist: Matisse

Who or what inspires your style?: "My daughters, my sister, my friends Winder and Jennifer."

With her chic pal Jennifer.

What are your top 5 fashion must-haves?

1. A pair of gladiator sandals
2. A really cool handbag
3. A classic white shirt
4. Perfect shades
5. "My Miu Miu boots"

What are your top 5 beauty must-haves?

1.  "A cool pale Brigitte Bardot type of lipstick"
2. Eyebrow brush
3. Laura Mercier bronzer
4. YSL mascara; "maybe even in purple"
5. Chanel Cristalle

Quote to live by?

What Voltaire said: "We must cultivate our own garden."

Well, there you have Kiki's style essentials. I wish I were home to make her French press coffee and bring her breakfast in bed, but a blog post will have to suffice. If you're lucky enough to have a mom as cool and kind as mine, be sure to tell her you think so!

Happy Mother's Day!!



Sarah said...

This is ADORABLE! So sweet


Cece Fourchy said...

Thanks, Sarah! We need to get a drink in Austin ASAP. xo


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