Santa Fe Scrapbook

I got back from my Santa Fe honeymoon months ago but I'm still dreaming about the place. Before going I had no idea it was such an old city, with so much history. It's full of museums, wonderful shopping, custom cowboy boots, turquoise jewelry and fabulous art. Oh and the food! I still dream about the food -- there wasn't a single meal I didn't love (especially the caesar salad at Coyote Cafe). 

One day when I'm hustling antiques I'll make my way back to Seret & Sons, a huge store with antique rugs stacked to the ceiling and a yard full of ancient artifacts. I wanted to take it all home with me. While I couldn't exactly do that, our souvenirs do include a belt buckle from Nathalie on Canyon Road, a turquoise bangle pour moi at Shiprock on the plaza, and the best pair of vintage Frye boots from Kowboyz

Besides my all-time favorite artist Georgia O'Keefe (of course she was a Santa Fe-er), I also fell in love with the work of Kathleen Frank, a painter showcased in our hotel lobby. Her vibrant pieces are all painted on a red canvas -- absolutely beautiful. Take a look.

I'm afraid to admit how much time I spend on the Sotheby's website looking for my dream house and imagining what it would be like to live in SF full-time, but until we get back there I can dream (and buy this sticker for my car).

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