The Cabinet Bar

We are relocating to a little house in a few weeks (so long, apartment life!) and are taking an armoire with us. I was flipping through old issues of House Beautiful and spotted this shot of Mary McDonald's cabinet bar. I love the idea of mimicking this with our armoire, with other pretty glasses and maybe my stash of candlesticks. Perfect for entertaining, right?? 


Jo Ann said...

Found your website on a blog and just wanted to say hello to a fellow native Mississipian! I was born in Natchez 73 years ago and though I didn't get to grow up there, it always has a place in my heart. I was actually right here in Arkansas and am now living in beautiful Mountain Home!

Cece Fourchy Quinn said...

Hi Jo Ann! Thanks for saying hello! I hate to disappoint you, but I am actually a California native. I went to school at Ole Miss and that's where I started my blog (hence the name). I lived there for 5 years and absolutely loved it -- Arkansas is fabulous too!! I've never been to Mountain Home but have heard nothing but nice things about it.


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