Good Morning!

I'm enjoying a nice breakfast and mulling over my options today. It is GORGEOUS here. Cold, yes. But the sun is shining and the sky is clear--sounds like a perfect day for a bundled-up bike ride!! I'm definitely taking Rosie out for a spin later. 

Also on my agenda: paying bills (ick), cleaning up a bit, and doing something with my house. It's just depressing at this point. Not a total re-do but a little rearranging and a few new additions would be perfect. Speaking of which, I've been searching high and low for an inexpensive rug for my living room and I think I've found just the one!

This is just a little snapshot of it, but to see some more pics click here. AND it's been marked down! Perfect for a little salesgirl like myself. 

Enjoy the day beautiful people!! xoxo

ps pancake image from here.

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