I call 1st Dibs

Searching for inspiration for my casa revamp, I went to my #1 most visited site. 1st Dibs is a site where dealers can sell antiques, vintage couture and accessories, and amazing jewels. You just register and the fabulousness is at your fingertips!! "Antique Dealer" is my dream title and this site helps me live the fantasy! Here are some of my pics for my closet and house. A girl can dream....right?


Le Smoking, oui oui (vintage YSL)

Vintage YSL Blouse for my uber-chic boho lifestyle

This belt might fit a small child but I could make it work.

Bling-Bling (obsessed with the setting of this ring!)

A gorgeous vase (for all of the flowers I get from my dashing man).

A perfect choice for seating in my bedroom (my girl Marie-Antoinette would agree I think!)

Hermes ice bucket. Check.

Amazing chest. I'm in love with it's modern handles.

A vintage Louis trunk (for the end of my bed perhaps? or for all of my jet-setting...)

Well hello there.....

A pillow covered with an Hermes scarf. Needless to say, I'm in love.

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