With Spring Break rapidly approaching, the gym is packed, the speed walkers are out, swim suits are finally for sale, and the tanning booths are booked. So where to go?? The typical Ole Miss student will either go to Destin, FL...

or skiing somewhere in Colorado. 

But these both seem so uninspiring! I want to do something different. These photos (from The Sartorialist, of course) make me want to go to Rio! 

One of my BFFs Allie, who recently made the trip, wrote this in an email: "Rio is I think my favorite place on the planet. It's like New York and Miami mixed together. It's fantastic. Everyone is gorgeous, the weather is awesome, girls wear thongs, and the parties are nuts."

Brazil anyone?!

And of course, I recently skimmed the latest Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition, which has me jonesing for some glamorous beach time. I guess we'll just see!

How about you all? Any exciting adventures planned for spring? Fill me in....

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laura said...

cece love the sb post. i try to avoid those two areas myself during this time of year (not that i'm above it or anything). I myself have never been to Brazil, but since you said that Rio is a cross between Miami and NYC I figure that I am half way there...I am going to see my infamous Cuban friend in Miami for SB. I'm brushing up on my espanol and trying to find my very own polka dot bikini as we speak.


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