My Menagerie

So, I am a total weirdo and there was a phase I went through in high school where I was obsessed with having a private zoo. As in literally have a zoo at my house. Luckily for everyone involved I got over it, but how romantic would it be to just have a ton of land and wild animals everywhere? It'd be like a safari in your back yard! 

The actress Tippi Hedren (from The Birds) actually has her own wildlife refuge called The Shambala Preserve, where she has all sorts of wild cats. And she lives there! But apparently there's been a problem with people being attacked by lions...eek!

Even though I would love every creature in my zoo equally, I think my favorite animals are giraffes. I just think they seem so sweet and are the most gorgeous creatures. I read this article in Vanity Fair a long long time ago about "Giraffe Manor" in Kenya-- a house that has been converted into a hotel on a giraffe sanctuary! You can even have breakfast with the giraffes. Well, ever since I have been just dying to go. Maybe it'll satisfy my zoo itch. Just look at how cool it is!

Hopefully I'll get the chance to go there one day.

 Until then, I'll play with my favorite little wild animal--Molly.

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