So this one time, at Bottletree....

As many of you may or may not know, I am obsessed with Bottletree Bakery. The atmosphere, the food, the coffee, the hipster/hippie/pseudo-intellectuals....I love it all. Well, a while back I encountered something that I can't seem to get out of my head! I was exiting the glorious little restaurant and ran into these two women, who couldn't have been younger than 60, with the coolest style. They looked as if they woke up, called each other (maybe texted--these women were bad ass), asked what the other was wearing that day and coordinated perfectly. 

One was wearing these shades:

and this scarf:

and the other had on these bad boys:

Yes, Ray Bans and an Alexander McQueen skull-print scarf. I almost died. And of course, these lovely golden girls were wearing equally chic Oxford shirts (classic) with black pants/jeans:

and metallic ballet flats like these:

Need I say more??

So, in my attempt to re-create their fabulous style, I have scoured the web and the square. I stepped in to A Look Ahead, Oxford's best designer eye-wear place. They've got tons of Ray Bans in cool colors, although they have neither lavender nor the very rare yellow tortoise. I could only find those online! The yellow tortoise ones are here and the lavender are here. However, A Look Ahead did have turquoise which I'm equally obsessed with. Of course with the weather lately who knows when you'll get the chance to wear them.

As for the scarf, there are a few options. Unfortunately, Alexander McQueen is hard to come by in these parts, but Cicada has some very cool alternatives!! I strongly suggest heading in there to check out their scarves with little animals on them (sharks, ducks, beetles, etc). As for the real deal, I think they've got the best options on Net-a-Porter, but you can also order them from pretty much any big department store. 

The moral of the story: accessories can truly make an outfit. AND, it never hurts to take a few pointers from the seasoned pros. 

(For the full look: shoes, shirt, pants)


holly said...

I will give up my cardies and dresses to be those old ladies with you! We can pull it off!

Cece Fourchy said...

Haha, agreed! Let's do it!

Jacqueline said...

I want the look! Will get the yellow tortoise ray bans and think of you and your coolness everytime I wear them.


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