Hey baby, what's your sign??

Ah yes-- the Zodiac. Call me crazy, but I'm a believer. I may not necessarily believe that astrologists can predict the future, but I definitely think that you can tell a lot about a person from their sign. What convinced me of such, you may ask? This book:

Which has a very scandalous name (SEXtrology--eek!) but I swear that's not what it's about. It breaks down every sign into Male, Female, Gay and Straight. It is creepily accurate, and I think is the perfect assigned reading for all astrological skeptics. 

Besides Astrology being a fun little thing for me to analyze other people with and use to give my friends (really great) relationship advice, it is also perfect style inspiration!

Now, I'm hardly suggesting you go out and get "TAURUS" tattooed on your chest (or "Gemini" across your side)

 but you can definitely draw on your symbol for ideas. 

I walked around the square this morning after breakfast looking into stores for any Zodiac-themed stuff, but I couldn't find a thing!! Poor Oxford, so not enlightened yet. Even Square Books didn't have anything to feed my hunger for astrological lit.

But  don't fret! Here are a few things I found online to satisfy you starry-eyed enthusiasts!

This hilarious book at Urban Outfitters:

These super cute needlepoint pillows at Jonathan Adler (my favorite!)

to see the full selection click here.

And with V-Day coming up, why not splurge on some cute Juicy PJs with a hearts-and-astro-vibe??

Snatch these up here.

And of course, for your man (perhaps a little Capricorn valentine?) they have these cufflinks at Neiman's.

The stars are all around us! Give astrology a shot. Yes, it's weird and probably not true, but so fun! Here are some of my fav websites:

And be sure to check out Sextrology when you get the chance.

Happy star gazing!!


cablack said...

I thinking that gemini tat would be perfect for me haha!

holly said...

Cece, it's like you read my mind...


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