Bow Wow Wow

I was cruisin Garance Dore's site (here) for the latest fashion week updates (because I couldn't make it this year) and found this picture from a while back. I LOVE her bow!

For a while I was anti-bows. There was even a girl who went through rush a couple years ago who was literally called "hair bow" because she wore them EVERY DAY (and trust me, girlfriend didn't work the look). 

I'm definitely not calling for a resurgence of those enormous grosgrain bows we used to clip in our bobs for kindergarten, but if done right, they can be sort of quirky and demure and I love that. So it strikes me--why don't I just buy BOW TIES and wear them as headbands?? They're a perfect solution: silk (so not childish), colorful, and we all know I love a headband. 

I'm a classicist, so Brooks Brothers is where I'll turn. Here are some of my favs:

Black and White for a more formal look.

Seeing red.

My UNC friends would be proud. Haha. I love this blue for lunch with friends (paired with white jeans and a kelly green cable knit. eeeeeek)

The standard BB Green and Navy tie print. Perfect to match your bf's look. If you're into that.

I'm about to order a ton of these! Maybe even one of those sparkly ones that the Rockettes wear.....

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