The Difference Between White and Wrong

With Easter rapidly approaching and the sun slowly beginning to make his grand debut, it has me thinking about my wardrobe. 

The old standing rule is no white after Labor Day or before Easter, and many people are religious about this (especially here in the south). However, what if it's 85 degrees and you just want to wear something light and airy to a lunch date with your friends?? Surely if it's a week or two before Easter you should be in the clear. IF it's done right. 

Kate Spade makes a great point: "If white is basic to your wardrobe, then by all means wear it year-round. The trick is to tweak it so that it looks natural to each season."

And hey, if Kate says it, it's ok in my book!!

This maven from thefacehunter did it exactly right

With her tails and dark, wintry shoes you hardly notice she's breaking "the rules". I'll definitely take a cue from her if my spirit moves me. Here are some of my fav white dresses:

Urban Outfitters. This one may just be too summery...I don't think I'd be brave enough to model it before Easter!

From Shopbop. I love how short it is....but it's also structured so it could definitely be worn sooner than later. Maybe with this?

And some gray tights. Ohhhh la la.

Lilly Pulitzer has a "white dress" section on her website. Go figure. This one is my fav. Don't you love the tiers of scallops??

The other question is seersucker. Most men at Ole Miss disregard the "no seersucker after labor day" rule for The Grove, but is it a major faux-pas otherwise? Kate says: "In early fall, try an ivory-and-blue seersucker blazer with a scarf. It's the perfect follow-up to the pure white of summer." Maybe I'll give it shot this fall.

And I definitely don't think I'd give this guy a hard time for breaking the rules. 

What do you guys think? To white or not to white?

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