Coral Corral

My recent search for the perfect necklace has led me to a lot of coral pieces. I've got an antique coral bracelet that I got for Christmas forever ago and I LOVE it. It seriously makes an outfit. All of the other coral stuff I've found so far is great too! The necklace above is from Doyle and Doyle

Wouldn't you love to sport this dramatic cocktail ring for a summer soiree?? Found on ShopBop.

These earrings from 1st Dibs are killllling me. So pretty and classic! 

I was all sorts of enthused about these pieces and I came across this on the Tiffany website about the moral questions involved with coral and the marine environment. I definitely understand the environmental implications and am down with keeping coral preserved. But....I do love to look at these gorgeous pieces!!

What do you guys think??

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Madeline said...

I love love love those earrings! Too bad I don't have 10g just chilling in BoA for me to get them! Miss you darling! I love reading your blog... it is the perfect work distraction!


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