Dormitory Nostalgia

Ah yes, Martin Hall. I called the lovely brick tower on the left my home when I was a wee 18 year old and I never thought I'd say I miss it. 

But I do. 

Not just Martin, but all dorms in general. I've lived in a dorm since I was 13 and something about how structured they are is reassuring. I could definitely go without the cinder block walls of the Ole Miss dorms (and their faulty elevators), but I like the idea of having my little space and all the bills taken care of for me already.

Girls at Ole Miss take the idea of dorm living to new heights: some people bring in tons of new furniture, get special made futon covers, and even fancy curtains!! These people go all out. 

Not unlike the Ole Miss ladies, this guy Max did wonders with his dorm room. His little dwelling was featured in New York Magazine last year. 

I love his use of ties as a sort of preppy decor.

A bar next to the tv....collegiate essential.

A aerial view of his chamber.

And it's no wonder he's so stylish....he interns for Charlotte Moss!  I love how he uses lamps instead of what is probably hideous florescent lighting, and the rug really brings the whole room together. Obsessed! 

What did you guys do to add a little spice to your dorm rooms?

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