Mississippi..... Missoni?

Flipping through this month's Bazaar (my girl Kate is on the cover), I found the Missoni ad campaign!! It's pics of the whole family in their house, shot by Mr. Juergen Teller. One word: AWESOME. Not only does it inspire my recent desire for a maison makeover, it also makes me want to dress in zig-zag head to toe!

Luckily, for us working girls, they did a collaboration with Converse recently!! These fabulous kicks are about $100 and worth every penny.

I can't wait to get a pair! I imagine wearing them with:

White skinnies (after i hit the gym for a few weeks, haha) and:

An 80s men's cardigan in a bright color like teal. And lots of gold jewelry!

Once I get dressed in my throw-back look, I'll hop on my PJ (private jet, duh) and head to Edinburgh for a week-long stay at Hotel Missoni.

Amazing right? I can't wait. (Some day, it will happen!!)

Until then, I plan on sprucing up my Oxford digs with some bright knit blankets and other cool Missoni-inspired things. Any other ideas fabulous and faithful readers?

For my look: jeans and sweater.
 For more of the Missoni shoot: here.

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