Volvo vs Vespa

Oh Audrey, I blame you and your Roman Holiday. My obsession with getting a Vespa has reached new heights. Maybe it's my recent lusting after a European lifestyle or maybe it's just that I'm sick of the hills of Oxford killing my lungs and calves. Either way, I'm dying to get one. I've always imagined myself on a little green one:

Or yellow!! ( To match my imaginary yellow Kitchen Aid from Williams Sonoma)

But a rainy day such as today begs the question: do I have the stamina to ride on a little scooter when it's pouring down rain? Or sleeting? Or for a long period of time? Like on the Highway?

Not likely. In which case, maybe I'll trade in my dreams of European scooter adventures for my old aspirations of becoming a Volvo owner. 

I don't mean some fancy new SUV or a convertible little sports car. I'm talking 1980's or early 90's. I'm talking wagon. I'm talking Diesel. Call me an environmentally ignorant fool, but I don't care.

This one is hanging out in Massachusetts, waiting on me to claim him!! Cute, right? And it costs less than a Vespa. Imagine that. 

I guess I just want to take a cue from the boys in Detroit Rock City.

My friend Marly also mentioned there's an abandoned wagon on the side of Highway 6...meant to be? I should think so!! 


Marly said...


Cece Fourchy said...

Meowww!!! Let's road trip to highway six and commandeer it!!

Cece Fourchy said...
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