Nightie Night

I might as well let it be known that yes, I did used to wear one of these flannel masterpieces to bed occasionally until I was about 11. 

Sometimes you choose comfort and toastiness over....well....pretty much anything else. These days I prefer the standard old t-shirt.

But as I was flipping through the Victoria's Secret catalog today I realized that I may be missing out on a whole word of cute and sassy PJs. Don't get me wrong: some items in the catalog are too sassy for my liking, but my bedtime wear could use a little refreshing. So I went to an old, dear friend for guidance: Anthropologie.

Here is what I found!

which makes a set with these:

Adorable, right? Almost as cute as this set:

Which I would wear under these:

Silk jams from J. Crew, of course. 

And for a perfectly sound slumber:

A nice eye mask from this cool Etsy shop.

I can't wait to climb into my big comfy bed feeling chic even in my sleep. 

Mmmmm. Good night!!

(bed image from Domino, RIP)

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