La Boudoir

I would love to be an antique dealer or interior designer of any kind, but if I had it my way, I would only design bedrooms. Napping is my favorite and who doesn't love crispy, monogrammed sheets and a fantastic tufted headboard? After my PJ post I flipped through my trusty "bedrooms" file on iphoto and came up with a few of my latest favs (including the one above). 

Kate Spade's guest bedroom, naturally.

Rachel Zoe's bedroom, complete with Missoni bedding. And a fur blanket. 

I saw this one on Habitually Chic. I'm pretty sure those are Leontine Linens too. And a Birkin resting on the chair. And mirrored walls. And a velvet headboard. I just died.

Kathryn Ireland is responsible for this little pseudo-mexican hippie haven. I'm in love.

Kelly Wearstler. I love love all the color. 

From Elle Decor. I love the clean lines of the bed frame mixed with bright prints.

And last but not least, one of my BFFs, Abby, has one of my fav bedrooms of all time. Here are various shots of her toile splendor.

Happy sleeping my friends xoxo

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