Shoesy Q

I walk by Neilson's everyday on my way home from work, and last week I spotted these Steve Madden wedges in the window and have been thinking about purchasing them, mainly just because I'm trying to break out of my "flats only" shoe policy. But what do you guys think? I'm worried they're either too tall or just don't suit me. Or both!

I also found some other cool wedges on shopbop. Thoughts?

They're made by 12th Street Cynthia Vincent. I really like the fabric interwoven in the leather and I love a little Mexican poncho color scheme. 

And while I was there I found these too:

I know, I know, they're flats! But I like that beading and wouldn't they be great for summer?? Eeeeek, I just can't stay away. I found these on shopbop, but I've seen some similar pairs in Therapy. I might just have to stop by there later.

To find these shoesies on the interweb..... : here, here, and here


Marly said...

If you're wanting to branch out of the flats only, you could start with the kitten heel height (you're a kitten so obviously that would work for you), and then work your way up to those scoots. Tres chic, a mon avis.


Cece Fourchy said...

oh cherie, I don't know if I'll even make it to the kitten heels....my paws just can't take the height!!! love you!


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