Indigo Girl

I think we all remember the whole "Katie Holmes in a boyfriend jean" craze. And I always loved the jeans but was so perturbed by her insanity/scientology brainwashing that I just never got into it.

But I just can't deny that the jeans are totally all that. Well, the company that made her famous jeans, Current/Elliot is now collaborating with Marni for an AMAZING project. 

This is what I found in Vogue yesterday:

It's not the best scan in the world, so I don't know how well you can read it, but take a look at the jeans she's got on! So cool. Current/Elliot silk-screened the pretty pearl pattern from the Marni collection onto the boyfriend jean. Um.....nice. 

But as I was coming up with ways to justify saving over $300 for a pair of quirky jeans, it struck me that I could just do the same thing myself with a pair of old jeans!

So I'm coming up with different painting/bleaching/embroidering ideas to personalize and Marni-fy my jeans. Maybe with bleach, fabric paint and some lace, or something else. Any suggestions?? 

PS Happy Sunday!

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