Of Hearth and Home

I love Oxford and love learning more things about Southern culture like I do here every day, but I am truly a Californian at heart. 

I don't know what it is, but lately I've been so sad to be away. Maybe it's just seeing so many of my friends having such a great time back home, but I miss so many things about my quirky home state:

The valley farmland.

Lovely San Francisco and its crazy fog.

Even superficial LA and all the smog.

Real tacos. With guacamole. Made from California avocados (which are the only kind I like).

Hippie communes. 

And mostly, home. 

Anyone want to treat me to a plane ticket?? 


Lizzy Smira said...

I know how you feel! Im from Mississippi originally but I moved to Kansas a few months ago and im missin the south desperately!! I love the Hippie picture!! thats so neat!

Cece Fourchy said...

Thanks Lizzy! All I know of Kansas is what I've read in In Cold Blood. And based on that, I don't blame you for missing MS! The hippie pic is from weheartit.com along with some of the others! Check it out, I spend hours on there. Xo


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