Mrs. Mellen's Barn

Last year in Vogue, there was an article about Polly Mellen and her home, a fabulously refurbished barn in Connecticut. Since I read the article and feasted my eyes on the stellar photos of her stunning digs, I have become quite interesting in acquiring a barn fixer-upper myself. Check it out!

I love the mixed prints, and especially all the needlepoint pillows. Plus, aren't those exposed rafters cool?

I love how she mixes furniture styles to create a look that's totally original. And the family heirlooms.... obviously awesome additions!

This is the powder room. They're framed prints of Yves Saint Laurent's Christmas cards over a few years. Can't deal with her coolness.

Before I find a barn of my own to purchase (we're still working on paying the rent...) I figure I can get working on my Mellen-inspired look anyway. I found this couch on the New York Magazine website:

And throw in a couple of needlepoints...

Accessorize with fresh flowers:

Coffee table books like:

And of course, accented with a little guy I know named.....Biscuit.

Anyone have any leads on some available barns?? 

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