I saw a little girl today dressed just like her mom. And they both looked so chic: white dresses with brown leather belts, gold sandals. And I laughed because I love the bizarre idea of children in adult clothes...it's like, did you pick that out or did your stylist??

But it's not only that it makes me laugh....I love the idea of pairing two things that don't belong together: a child and a chic belt, dogs with really normal human names ( like Josh), etc etc. And I got to thinking about a paper I wrote for my Lord Byron class last semester.

It was about his time in Venice, and I couldn't help but think of a quote of his I used: “I stood in Venice, on the Bridge of Sighs; / A palace and a prison on each hand.”

Byron was so obsessed with Venice because of all of the contrasts: the peasants and the nobles, the beauty and the filth of it all. Anyway, now I can't get Venice off my mind! 

As I'm sure you know, dear readers, I have been craving a European trip, and Venice may be just the place for me. So romantic, historic, artistic, and apparently gorgeous. And shouldn't I go visit Byron's villa after all the hard work I did on my paper?? 

Or maybe I should just be economical and settle for something else "Venetian".....

No matter what, I'll make it there someday...and I cannot wait to sip a cappuccino in San Marcos square!

Ciao my friends!


Alexander said...

Except, friend, it's sinking! It would be a shame to have you drown with it.

Cece Fourchy said...

yes yes!! all the more reason to go ASAP!


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