Cece Fourchy's Day Off

 Mondays are my one single day off during the week, and while I wish I could be lounging poolside at my mansion in the South of France (like in this Slim Aarons photo) I am instead forced to be creative and find fun things to do here in Oxford. 

It's definitely not hard, especially if you take pleasure in simple things like me.

On an ideal day off, I would wake up early, head to either Big Bad Breakfast or Bottletree for some much needed coffee.

From there I would take a nice jog (who are we kidding)-- bike ride through campus...

... making a stop at the College of Liberal Arts to quadruple check that I'm actually graduating in August (shocking, I know).

Then I'd enjoy my return home amongst charming, romantic houses like this

(My favorite house in Ox!)

After a shower, around noon, I hop back up to the square (one block....so far....)

for a yummy Volcano Roll with friends at Two Stick

This then followed by some very serious people watching on a comfy courthouse bench. 

An hour or so of rigorous observation and civilization, and I'm ready for a nap. I make the five minute trek back home and curl up like a cat by the swimming pool while also working on my tan (or in my case, sunburn).

While lounging, I smell crawfish and know what has to happen. I beg my boyf to come with me to the bar for a spicy cajun treat (and some brewskies) and he sweetly obliges. Thank goodness for crawfish and southern chivalry.

After our little gulf coast feast we head to the bar. 

And possibly a late-night rager.

Then it's bed time.

 I'm sure to set the alarm on my Nokia brick for work bright and early....

Now if only that's what I did all day. I mostly just watched videos on YouTube and hung out on the couch. Hm.


manuela said...

I totally loved the pic of Barbies lounging by the pool. In southern France? I could spend a few afternoons fantasizing to be there and live like that.
Daydreaming situations is actually very healthy, it is sort of a way to meditate, and it will prepare you for when they will really occur. Not only you will enjoy them to the fullest, but you can write how they end up!

Cece Fourchy said...

Well I'm glad daydreaming is healthy....I do it all the time!! xo


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