Working in a jewelry store, I get to look at and try on gorgeous things all day, like this necklace! It's Black Onyx and pearls, and by far my favorite thing in the store. I realized that I write about the store all the time, but my lack of camera has prevented me from showing off our goodies. Now that I have a super fancy iPhone I can tell you all about it. It's called Elyncia Fine Jewelry, and we're on North Lamar right off the square. We specialize in engagement rings but have a TON of other amazing stuff.

Here are some of my other faves:

A pair of vintage Tiffany wedding bands. They're braided yellow gold. I would love to get both soldered together and wear them as one ring!

This is a handmade topaz necklace. I am seriously considering using part of my paycheck to purchase it! It sort of hangs lower and I love the detail on the chain. A++!

The famous yellow diamond. I'm pretty low-maintenance and would never really dream of having some huge ring, but I definitely wouldn't hate getting this one.

Atticus, the store mascot: Maltese, Pupperoni enthusiast, jewelry fanatic and total ladies man. 

We've got 1,000,000 other things that I really do love. I love going to work every day! I'm a lucky girl. 

We're right next to Holli's so the next time you're getting an ice cream cone come say hi!!


PS Sorry for the poor resolution in the photos!

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Maria said...

low maintenance??? i think somebody's a liar...!


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