All That Glitters

I've always loved all things sparkly and clothes are no exception. I know that sparkly tops were all the rage a while back, but I'm recently into everything else sequined too! Here are some of my flashy favorites:

Ohhhh, J. Crew! You've done it again! This skirt is amaaaaaaahzing (said in Rachel Zoe voice).

Here it is by itself. Perhaps I should purchase it....now.

Even though some ladies around Oxford have overdone Tory Burch a little too much, this blazer is awesome. Imagine with a white v-neck and hot pink pants. Yes, hot pink pants. Or maybe just light jeans? They make a very similar one at Victoria's Secret....who knew?!

This Phillip Lim number has my heart racing. Perfect with a champagne cocktail.

Chloe did this top-- I love the color and the silky fabric makes it more sophisticated.

Hands-down, best sequined outfit ever. Thank you Antik Batik!

This lady knows how to do it I think: You've got to tone down the sequinage with a little rougher edge, otherwise you'd look like a disco ball.

(image from here)

Can't wait to start my disco-ball dressing....any other suggestions for sparkly wear?

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