WHILST Jewelry

The photos from the shoot are in! They look absolutely fantastic. So professional!  I asked Kellie, the designer and mastermind behind Whilst Jewelry, a few questions. Here's what she says about her fabulous creations!

When did you start crafting your lovely jewels?: I started making this collection in the spring. I have to admit, I have attempted making other jewelry in the past, and have done all but burn the evidence.

(this necklace is my personal fave!)

What inspires you to create your pieces?: I'm a lover of fashion history, so I have a handful of style icons that influence my personal style. Whilst draws on my southern heritage, as well as fashion icons Peggy Guggenheim and Janis Joplin. I like to think there's a little bit of Mr. T in there too.

(Janis would love that feather!)

Who is your ideal customer? Or rather, who did you have in mind when you made your collection?:  Whilst is designed for twenty-something girls who are trendy on a budget. With price points from $20 to $50, you can afford to live in the moment with your style.

What is your favorite piece in the collection?: The black and camel bracelet is my favorite essential. It looks great with a white tee during the day, or a black pencil skirt at night!

(kellie's pick)

What do you have planned for Whilst Jewelry in the future?: Right now I am designing the fall look book and website, so that I can get Whilst into some boutiques. In August Whilst is having a jewelry party in Memphis.

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