A Hair Brained Idea

I've been having serious hair issues lately. It's long, wavy, dried out, and feels like a winter coat in the Fresno heat. 

So, I'm going to make a change. I love having long hair, so I don't want to go pixie or anything else extreme, but I really would something a little different-- I've had the same haircut for a century!

I'm very intrigued by the idea of having bangs like these lovely ladies:

Jane Birkin. I would need to invest in a nice straightener to get the full effect, but I wouldn't mind! 

Zooey Deschanel! Ah, swoon. She wears them straight-across and to the side. But I don't know if mine would curl like hers....perhaps too much work to maintain this look? God knows I'm lazy...

Ok, Selma Blair, you just stop that! Doesn't she look tres Parisienne chic?? As of right now, this look is the front-runner.

And then the non-bang looks....very free-flowing...

Italian fashionista Margherita Missoni, one of my style icons, wears hers long long long and waaaavy! I'd like to think this is what mine will look like with a trim and some tlc. I wish.

Mary-Kate (on the left) has boho-chic just right. Maybe I should get a few inches off and wear my curly like her??

I am in desperate need of help!! Any suggestions? 

all images from style.com and google


whenipaintmymasterpeice said...

so i took a picture of jane birkin when i got my hair cut in november... it was cute until the bangs started growing out:(
i'd say go for it, bangs are fun and you can always wear a headband.
hope california is wonderful, new cash register at bottle tree. its rocking our world its so 2010.


Lindsey said...

You should do some cute side swept bangs! I'd love bangs, but my hair is freakishly thin, so I'll live through you. Miss you!

Cece Fourchy said...

Ashley-- New cash register?! Right when I leave, of course.

Lindsey-- I miss you too!! Can't wait for the wedding!!


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