Wedding Bells

If only this  were my closet-- my life would be so much easier! 

You see, I'm going to wedding in a few weeks and I'm very stressed about finding the perfect dress for the event! It's before labor day, at dusk, in Mississippi. AKA hotter than anything else you've ever experienced. So, I've tried to keep that in mind in my choices. So far, these are my faves:

Milly, from shopbop. I love how summery it is! But maybe too short....

My BFF Marc always gets it right, but that neckline might be weird on me.

I LOVE this one (Diane vonFurstenburg) but could it be too hot with those sleeves? Although the skirt length might make up for it.

And then this is my number one:

look at the back!

I really love to be different, and this dress is so unique! And summery. And wouldn't it look so retro-chic with the new bangs I'm going to have?!

The only thing I'm sure of is that these shoes would go with all options, and therefore I really neeeeed them:

first three dresses from here.

last dress and shoes from here.


Alexander said...

I ADORE the turquoise one. My secret to weird necklines is to wear my hair up out of the face ... I'm not sure if it works, but it makes me feel better about the outfit as a whole!

Lindsey said...

I love the first one, even if it is short! But then again, I'm known to wear inappropriately short things to weddings and not realize it. Also, don't forget there will be a big air-conditioned house to go in after the (7 minute) ceremony, so you just have to make it about half an hour total in the hot, hot Mississippi summer. (I've obviously thought about this a lot...)
kisses and love,
Lindsey the suddenly serial commenter

Cece Fourchy said...

Yes, yes they're both great choices! And good call on wearing the hair up alex---although I want to show off my soon-to-be cool shaggy 70s bangs haircut....hmmm....

And Lindsey, I really love the fact that you've got a literal time frame of seven minutes for the ceremony. Air Conditioning and plenty of alcohol will surely cool me down, right??


Love you guys!! see you soooooooon


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