Feminine Overload

I think that living with two boys (Pauly and Bisky) has started to get to me-- I simply do not have enough femininity in my life! Today I have decided to compile a selection from my "archives" (iPhoto library) of super-girly things that make my heart flutter and imagine living in a world of feminine overlad. While I may not have hot pink velvet carpet in my dressing room, I can always dream!

I have tea in the garden here with my best girlfriends.

I contemplate my sun-dresses and high heels in here.

I eat these for breakfast every morning accompanied by hot chocolate. Extra sprinkles.

I only use hot pink candles.....obvi.

There is an altar to Audrey in my basement.

My fabulous and fuzzy bedroom--Brigitte has a special place in my heart (same birthday!).

I swear they just grow in there like that.

Coffee table pour moi.


The usual 'do.


A little girly goes a long way. I think I'll stick with my boyish influences. 

(photos from weheartit, habitually chic, lonny, and vogue)

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