New House Overload

Don't y'all just LOVE the new house?? It's a little small for my taste, and obviously a fixer-upper but I guess you get what you pay for. 


Currently we're living in a very quaint (code for wee) apartment, and I think it needs a facelift. We've got quite the hodgepodge of furniture, and I'd like to get some more modern things to spruce things up around here. I stopped by WordsWorth Books the other day (a lovely recommendation from my friend Liza) and picked up an Elle Decor for some ideas. Of course, the first page I flip open to is an ad for John Derian for Target! 

How could I have forgotten?! I had heard rumblings and read blurbs about it for a while and it had completely slipped my mind. Well, I wish it hadn't, because most of it is sold out now! Quelle dommage.
But there is hope... a few great things remain, including:

This set of floral salad plates (perhaps not gender neutral enough? whatevs) would be so cute for well, salad, but also for birthday cake and I like the idea of having one for keys or something.

Aren't these funky dining plates cool? I'm usually partial to the classic white dish for everyday, but I like the look of these bad boys.

Well, slightly disappointed in the lack of available product from Target, I headed over to Overstock to peruse coffee tables and other things we need. Sooooo impressed.

Acrylic is so hot right now! And I dig the magazine storage (considering my mag addiction I can never have enough). They also have these nesting tables:

And I'm also digging this more sophisticated option:

All of them can be found on Overstock.com! I'm still deciding, but I'm also going to check out some local flea markets (so so so excited) before I make any big purchases. I'll be sure to update!

Do you guys have any great sites to check out? Or know of any great flea markets in or around Arkansas?

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Marly said...

UMMMMMMMM THERE ARE TONNNNNNS of amazing Flea Markets ALLLL around LR. My mom and I are frequent shoppers. Half of our S. 16 house was flea market. Best one is in the shopping center at the Markham/Rodney Parham intersection, and the one on Cantrell in Riverdale by Sonic. You should FBook message my mom for the names of some if you're serious about going on a good "flea hunt"



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