Table or Two

I was cruising around Habitually Chic a minute ago and clicked on one of the ads for Lamshop. So glad I did! They're a furniture company based in Charlotte, and they also sell their stuff in NYC. And umm....how fabulous is the Ming Coffee Table above? As always, I've got a new obsession. 

They also make a wee version for a side table.

I'm dying for both in their tortoise pattern!

Then again, I would take a car in tortoise if that were possible. 

Of course they've got plenty more stuff for sale, and I can't get enough!

And the best part about Lamshop? According to their website, it was started by two southern girls (graduates of UGA!) with a knack for design. I love to support my fellow SECers and even more so if they've got great style. 

Check out their website stat!

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