Wanderlust Overload

Am I crazy for thinking these pants are the bomb?? 

In my wildest dreams I live in a small island town where I get to wear them every day along with:

A panama hat, naturally.

A pair of hot pink crocodile Stubbs? Perfect for my imaginary dream world, methinks.

Last but not least!: A denim tuxedo shirt

Then I could ride around on my old Schwinn with a basket full of hydrangeas. 

I also have fantasies about being an old lady who wears ponchos and pounds of turquoise jewelry has a long silver braid and lives on a horse farm in Montana. But we'll save that for another time.

Now if only the Arkansas severe weather warnings would cease and I could debut my newest look. 

1 comment:

Holly said...

I love every single thing about that outfit. Another perk--it's almost completely unisex, so you can match your honey (in this vision you're both in your 60s).


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