La Cuisine

I'm so sorry I have been neglecting my faithful followers. But, I have been up to something! I started another blog, just until Easter, about a cooking journey that I have embarked on for Lent. Check it out here -- I promise, you will laugh at the chronicles of my terrible cooking skills. And maybe get some good recipes in the process!

All of this cooking though has me dreaming about a perfect kitchen...

How dreamy is this shot from Lonny?

I can just see myself and my dogs hanging around while I make tarts and coq au vin all day. I think I'll start by ordering this planter from ABC Home:

SO cute right? And only $55! 

And a set of these white French cafe chairs from Pottery Barn. 

Also an essential: a cute apron from Anthro.

Until all this though, I'm cooking in my flannel PJs and serving food in front of the TV. Sigh.

Any recipe suggestions pour moi? I'm all ears!!

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