The Newest Addition to my Bookshelf

From one of my favorite tastemakers, Simon Doonan, comes the latest diet revolution: Gay Men Don't Get Fat.

With a heavy dose of sarcasm and genius use of stereotype, Doonan splits foods into "gay" and "straight" categories. That meatloaf you've been craving? "...that's a whole lot of hetero to digest," he says. Macaroons and baby arugula? I'll let you assume. He argues that it's about striking a balance between gay and straight, surely with some hilarious quips along the way. If this book is half as great as his others, I'm sure it'll be a hit. I'm dying to get my hands on it!!

Order it from Barney's (his place of employment) or Amazon, and in the meantime check out this fabulous article in The New York Times.

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