A Resolution Revolution


Happy New Year everyone!!

 I rang in good old 2012 with red wine, yummy dinner and some serious sofa time. Because of such a low-key affair, I had plenty of time to think about my resolutions. I don't usually stick to them but this year I have a good feeling because I'm only resolving to do things that are fun. A good strategy, am I right?

This year, I am resolving to do the following:

All Blog, All the Time


That's right. This year, I plan to fully dedicate myself to the blogosphere. Be prepared for lots more posts!!

Become a Party Animal


I don't necessarily plan on doing more keg stands (or any at all for that matter) or attending any all-night raves, but this year I am resolving to throw more parties. Dinner parties, casual get-togethers, cocktail soirees-- I want to do them all.

Get Fancy


While the cubical life isn't necessarily conducive to a fashion-forward lifestyle, I'd like to up the ante in my work wardrobe. This includes wearing high heels more often, which may be the most challenging part of all of my resolutions. 

So, as you can see, these resolutions are nothing to shy away from. I'll be implementing them in full force!

What are your resolutions this year??


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