many thanks

I have a thing for writing thank-you notes. I think it may be my freakish obsession with stationery and things that are old-fashioned, or maybe just that I like to mail things. No matter the reason, I'm so glad to live in the South where people write them all the time! Back in California, people of course write them, but it's not commonplace like it is here.

As the great Mistress of Manners, Emily Post, once said "An engraved or printed thank-you card, no matter how attractive its design, cannot take the place of a personally written note of thanks." For example, a "thank-you e-mail" just doesn't cut it. Or God forbid a "thank-you Facebook message"!

Luckily, we Oxonians are blessed with so many splendid stationery options!! The best of course being Nest Paper Studio next to Uptown Coffee. I walk in there and it immediately puts me in a brighter mood! Great invites, thank-you's, candles, notepads and planners. A perfect place to buy a gift. I recently purchased this Kate Spade set there:

They say "Small card. Big thank you." How sweet is that??

Go check it out and write someone a note to let them know you're thinking of them. Or better yet, write an overdue thank you note! (that's what I'm doing right this minute....)

For more tips on writing thank-you notes click here.

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